The Consorzio di Libere Imprese is an association among Cooperatives which better promotes qualification of the same through a network of contacts, partnerships and collaborations with other entities, both public and private.

The Consorzio di Libere Imprese is a Cooperative association whose express purpose is to undertake the enhancement of people and their responsible participation in an economic activity.

Consorzio di Libere Imprese: togheter... to grow...

Formazione continua

The on going training, better known as “continuous vocational training“, aims in improving level qualification and professional development of workers.

Corsi E.C.M.

ECM is the process by which health professionals are kept updated to meet the needs of patients, of the health service and their own professional development.


The innovation of e-learning lies mainly in the possibility of learning through the use of technologies, allowing the Consorzio di Libere Imprese to deploy on large-scale personalized training courses and access to large learning communities as never seen before.